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All eBooks present in this site are taken by search from internet search engine

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Clinical Pharmacy & Therapeutics 3rd Ed.

Posted by Piscean on Sunday, May 30, 2010 6 comments

Product Description

Product Description

Pharmacy students and practitioners now have increased responsibilities in the areas of prescribing and treatment. Modern therapeutics requires an understanding of the disease process, clinical pharmacology and the supporting evidence from scientifically designed clinical trials.

The process of selecting optimal drug regimens is a team effort and depends upon the skills of pharmacists working with physicians, nurses and other health care professionals.

This multi-author text, written by pharmacists and physicians, is suitable for those who work in both primary and secondary care. It provides a complete and detailed account of all major aspects of therapeutics and rational drug use in a readable and attractive style.

It is a key text for all pharmacists and will also be of interest to medical students, nurses and other health care professionals involved in the therapeutics team.

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6 Responses so far:

Anonymous said...

Nice Book
very informative as well
God bless u

thank you :)

Anonymous said...

not complete only have 6 chapters

clinician said...

thnx for book
keep uploading ebooks dude

Anonymous said...

nice book but unfortunately not the complete one just 53 pages of it

Aqeel Naseem said...

link update

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